EVFTA: Commitment to rules of origin for seafood

In order to enjoy the preferential tax rates as committed in the EVFTA Agreement, seafood products must prove their origin.

The origin criterion for raw seafood and processed seafood in EVFTA is pure origin. That is, fish must be born or raised in an EVFTA Member State.

In addition, according to the aggregate rule, Vietnam is allowed to use raw squid and octopus from ASEAN countries to produce processed squid and octopus for export to the EU, if the following conditions are met:

This material belongs to code HS 030741 or 030751 (Annex III – Protocol 1) used to manufacture products with HS codes 160554 and 160555 (Annex IV – Protocol 1);

Materials originating from ASEAN countries that have FTAs ​​with the EU are committed to complying with the provisions of Protocol 1 and have the necessary administrative cooperation with the EU to ensure the full implementation of this Protocol 1 with the EU and between them.

The above criteria are considered to be more flexible than the General Preferential Tariff (GSP).

Refer to the European Union’s General Preferential Tariff (GSP) Regulation (2014 – 2023).

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